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Per Stenius receives prestigious Lampén Medal

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Emeritus Per Stenius has received the prestigious Lampén Medal. The medal is awarded for the outstanding and wide-ranging technical and scientific work carried out for the forest industry.

Per Stenius has done a long and internationally outstanding career in the field of forest products’ chemistry. He has worked during his career as researcher, professor and director in several universities, e.g. in Canada, USA and Nordic countries. Per Stenius acted as Professor in forest products physical chemistry in Aalto University in 1991-2003. His scientific production is extensive, consisting of over 320 articles and nine books.

The prize, awarded by Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association, was granted at PI Gala Dinner, organised in connection with the association’s Spring Summit on 20 April 2023.

Both FinnCERES Scientific PIs, Professor Monika Österberg and Research Professor Tekla Tammelin, have worked in guidance of Per Stenius during their early careers. FinnCERES congratulates Per for this outstanding recognition!

Photo credit: Forest Products Engineers' Association


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