• Wed, Mar 10
    Fibre and Beyond
    Join us to explore some of the latest discoveries, innovations and applications in the world of bio-based materials!
  • Wed, Dec 09
    The Use Of The Forest Resources In The New Era Of Uncertainty
    We need to produce informed opinions in order to make sustainable decisions. What is there for the forest sector? How will the products from wood impact our survival? How are education, research and the forest industry supporting sustainable economic growth?
  • Fri, Nov 27
    Will the Bio-Bubble Burst?
    Will new EU guidelines and directives on microplastics and single-use plastics threaten the future of new bio-based materials? What is the general atmosphere in EU countries on the use of forest biomass? Join the event to learn more!
  • Thu, Oct 01
    Novel Openings to be announced on 1st October
    The winning proposals for the second FinnCERES Novel Openings call are revealed on 1st October.
  • Thu, Mar 05
    Aalto University Dipoli
    Redefining Bioeconomy – From Research to Action, 5.3.2020
    Lignocellulose offers solutions for sustainable textiles, novel packaging, air and water purification, electronics, energy storage and energy harvesting. It has a myriad of inherent, functional capabilities that can outplay its fossil based counterparts.
  • Wed, May 15
    Wanha Satama
    HYBER-FinnCERES Symposium 2019
    The HYBER-FinnCERES Symposium 2019 is organized as a joint effort of CoE HYBER and FinnCERES.
  • Mon, Nov 05
    Paasivuorenkatu 5
    Industry Meets FinnCERES
    Industry Meets FinnCERES event on Monday 5th November 2018 in Helsinki.

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