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Other Related Events

  • Designing for Circularity – Case Examples from Finland
    Thu, 01 Jun
    Join the World Circular Economy Forum Accelerator Session webinar to learn how Finnish forerunner companies apply circular design in minerals, textile, and food industry as well as in chemical products and processes. The webinar is jointly hosted by Aalto, Syke, GTK, VTT and LUKE.
  • Circular Design Network Project Closing Event
    Thu, 10 Nov
    Circular Design Network Project will share insights to data-enabled circular battery, textile and agri-food value chains. Join us for top key notes and to learn about the project results. Utilize this opportunity to network with the key stakeholders on data for circularity!
  • Forest & Photonics 2022
    Wed, 09 Nov
    UEF Campus
    Forest&Photonics is a unique professional event that brings together the forest and technology experts to network, collaborate and share their experiences, challenges and solutions.
  • Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2022
    Tue, 25 Oct
    Helsinki, Finland
    Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) is a leading international event for industry and research professionals in wood-based biorefinery.
  • Tappi Nano Conference 2022
    Mon, 13 Jun
    Helsinki, Finland
    Tappi Nano Conference is a leading international event for professionals utilizing nanotechnology in renewable materials.
  • Nordic Polymer Days 2022
    Wed, 01 Jun
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    The Nordic Polymer Days is an annual meeting circulating among the Nordic countries. A warm welcome to the Nordic Polymer Days 2022 in Gothenburg to all those interested in polymer science and engineering.
  • Nonwovens Innovation Academy (NIA)
    Wed, 11 May
    Jyväskylä, Finland
    Discover the latest research and innovation in the nonwovens sector. The NIA is a 2-day event bringing together academics, students, scientists, engineers and industry experts.
  • Wood polymer interactions with ions and macroions
    Thu, 24 Feb
    The interaction of wood polymers with ions and polyelectrolytes is critical for developing novel materials for the future and refining existing products and processes.
  • Forest&Photonics 2021
    Mon, 22 Nov
    Forest&Photonics is a unique professional event that brings together the forest and photonics experts and companies.
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