Recent developments in
the materials bioeconomy

In addition to FinnCERES, there are many ongoing projects at Aalto and VTT in the field of materials bioeconomy.

Below, you can find a list of major projects and activities that

are thematically relevant to the FinnCERES Competence Centre.


Future Biorefineries
Developing novel processing and modification tools for biomass 

Film and particles_DSC_4781_researcher S

Clean Air and Water

Developing novel air and water purification systems from lignocellulosic materials

Paper structural folding techniques_DSC_

Lignocellulosics Beyond Plastics

Developing sustainable materials of the future

Electronics, Optics and Energy

Developing lignocellulosic materials for electronics, optics and energy applications


Other FinnCERES-related projects, programmes and networks

Fundamental research, technologies, networking, etc.