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Boreal Alliance expanding

We are excited to share that Boreal Alliance is expanding and getting organised. The first Alliance Steering Committee meeting was held on 19 January, bringing together members from Finland, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The Boreal Alliance representatives from FinnCERES, BioProducts Institute, Treesearch, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA), Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), UNITE Flagship, and University of Oulu met and agreed on the first joint steps to enhance the academic collaboration on the boreal belt. The partners continued to discuss the common goals for collaboration and shared their views on initiating the first actions. The partners acknowleded the importance of ensuring the sustainability of bio-based material solutions of the future.

The leadership of Boreal Alliance will be annually rotated. In 2022, the Alliance will be led by the Bioproducts Institute at UBC. Kelley Oh will act as the Alliance Manager. The Boreal Alliance members are organizing and actively participating in several high-profile events focusing on research, education and supporting policymaking. In addition, the collaboration is enhanced by researcher exchange, and facilitating the utilization of members' infrastructure.

Boreal Alliance aims to identify opportunities to promote collaboration on bio-based materials science and innovations, and welcomes interested academic partners to join the mission.

Read more from the Boreal Alliance website.


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