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FinnCERES at Helsinki Design Week 2021

As a part of Helsinki Design Week, FinnCERES research are featured at the Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibitions. The exhibitions gather radical ideas and prototypes that contribute to a resource-wise future.

Already for decades, we have been overusing our resources. It’s time to design radical systemic changes. Resource wisdom is about the ability to use different resources – e.g. natural resources, raw materials, energy, products, time and space – with consideration of the next generations and the ecosystems, and by promoting wellbeing and sustainable development.

The resource-wise exhibitions: Better to Wear, Infinite Materials and Loving Environments are showcasing over 30 sustainable research and study projects. The FinnCERES researchers are showcasing the following novel materials and resource-wise production methods:

  • Foam wood: A sustainable insulation and packaging material

  • Future Biorefineries, Gamma-valerolactone biorefinery: A sustainable alternative to current pulping methods, aiming at higher efficiency in converting biomass.

  • Future Biorefineries, Advanced nanomaterials from hemicellulose: Nano-sized hemicellulose crystals showing liquid crystal properties, paving way towards bio-based optoelectronics.

  • Future Biorefineries, case lignin; A by-product of the forest industry, lignin, has been engineered into bio-based coatings, adhesives, and films. The project has received wide attanetion and has been highlighted by

  • FinnCERES is also contributing to Other kinds of fashion showcasing bio-based materials as alternatives for harmful pigments.

The Design for a Cooler Planet exhibitions are located at the Väre building, Otaniementie 14, Espoo. Book a visit and take a look into the future!


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