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FinnCERES Public Seminar: Fibre and Beyond

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Join us for the premiere - Fibre and Beyond on 10 March!

Our documentary will take you on a journey from the dense forests of Eastern Finland all the way to Vancouver, Canada, as we unveil some of the most intriguing ongoing research in the field of bio-based materials. The FinnCERES team will also join you live to answer any questions you might have in the Q&A session.

Check out a teaser video about the event below!

FinnCERES invites you to a unique showcase of the latest research findings and innovations in the world of bio-based materials. Together with researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC), we will introduce the Boreal Alliance, a joint effort to accelerate adoption of bio-based solutions.

In our program you will hear how the inherent properties of wood can prevent the spread of pathogens and how they can alleviate the environmental burden of the textile industry. You will learn how sunlight can be harvested to produce chemical compounds using nanocellulose and photosynthetic algae. Then you will hear about the potential of nanoscale colloidal lignin particles and how enzymes can be mobilized to modify cellulosic materials. Finally, we will take a look at innovative ways of using biocompatible materials in medical applications such as implants and optical sensors.

Join us on 10 March at 2 PM (EET/GMT+2)! Please register via this link.

A re-run will be offered for our Canadian collaborators at 6.30 PM (EET/GMT+2). The event is free of charge. The documentary is narrated by Howy Jacobs from Tampere University. Featured speakers: Professor Orlando Rojas, Aalto/UBC Professor Tekla Tammelin, VTT Professor Monika Österberg, Aalto Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President, VTT Kristiina Kruus, Dean of School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University Professor Jack Saddler, UBC Professor Heather Trajano, UBC Professor Ali Harlin, VTT Professor Eero Kontturi, Aalto Lauri Sikanen, Principal Scientist, Natural Resource Center of Finland Niklas von Weymarn, CEO, Metsä Spring Pia Qvintus, Business Development Director, Spinnova Stefan Sandås, Vice President, Nordshield Olli Kähkönen, CEO, Nordic Bioproducts Group As well as many other talented researchers, both from FinnCERES and UBC.


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