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LIGCNF: Tailoring CNF properties by colloidal lignin particles aiming at enhanced properties

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

New innovations are needed to replace fossil-based materials with high performing bio-based ones. Wood-based materials are good alternatives due to their high availability and characteristics, such as mechanical strength. The exploitation of cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) is well known, and recently advances have also been made in the utilization of colloidal lignin particles (CLP). With the right combinations of these two, new sustainable materials with unique properties are expected. Deeper understanding of the interactions between these nature’s own building blocks, CNF and CLP, will enable design and manufacturing of composites with improved properties and functionalities. One specific aim was to develop biodegradable materials for antimicrobial coatings for disposable products.

Main results

  • Filter papers coated with lignin nanoparticles (LNPs) demonstrated moderate antimicrobial efficacy against MRSA which can be caused by immobilization of LNPs on the surface of filter paper.

  • Further studies of antimicrobial LNPs-based coatings are needed to reveal possible mechanisms of antimicrobial activity.

Publications (see also the links at the end of the page)

  • Morits, M., Teixeira Polez, R., Salo, S., Widsten, P., Meinander, K., Morina, D., Grönqvist, S., Österberg, M. Lignin Nanoparticles-Based Antibacterial Coatings for Development of Antimicrobial Surfaces, The 10th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference, VTT Technology, 409, 2242-1211.

Research Project Managers

Satu Salo, VTTiusGestranius

Project status

Funded by FinnCERES 2018-2021.

Related work on bio-based antimicrobial coatings is ongoing in the MIRIA project funded by the EU.


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