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Multifunctional materials from foam

Foam forming technology has become an essential area of research and development for new, value-added and high-performing structures. Researchers from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are developing sustainable wood-based foam materials which could replace plastic packaging as well as construction materials.

In the foam forming technology, the water in fibre suspension is replaced by aqueous foam to produce highly porous and thick structures. By modifying the foam components, chemistry, physics, and rheology, unique material properties can be obtained. For example, the FinnCERES project Foamwood aims to build ultra low density bio-based materials having extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio due to anisotropy, taking inspiration from the structure of wood.

Both organizations have extensive expertise in foam forming technologies. To read more about edible shock- and heat-resistant wood foams, see the recent news. To learn more about VTT pilot facilities for foam-based process and product development, see news and a short video.


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