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Nanocellulose film for sustainable wearables

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

As the use of wearable electronics increases, the amount of unrecyclable electronic waste accumulates. For example, hundreds of single use ECG electrodes are thrown away in hospitals every day. What if we could print electronic components on water soluble film, separating precious metals easily for re-use?

A team at VTT (iBEX 2021 competition) has developed a fully biodegradable nanocellulose film and nanocellulose glue for printed electronics. The re-pulpable film enables full recovery of printed silver and other electronic components.

The nanocellulose film is flexible and has very good print quality similar to a plastic substrate.

The team:

Vinay Kumar

Senior Scientist, VTT

Research in CRIS

Mohammad Behfar

Senior Scientist, VTT


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