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Novel Openings projects for 2021 selected

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In March 2020, FinnCERES launched the second Novel Openings call for Aalto and VTT researchers to stimulate the renewal of science in FinnCERES. The call topics were based on current challenges faced by the industry, as indicated by our industrial co-creation members. Novel Openings aims at attracting conceptually new scientific ideas, outside the mainstream and beyond state-of-the-art, to lay the foundations for future biomaterials solutions and concepts.

This year, FinnCERES decided to fund two Novel Openings projects with a total of 600 k€:

SolarSafe, led by Mauri Kostiainen (Aalto) and Maija Vuoriluoto (VTT), aims to develop self-sterilizing, yet biodegradable, materials, by merging the photoinactivation properties of organic photosensitizers with mechanical properties of cellulose. The team expects that the photoantimicrobial composite film coatings can be applied on various surfaces and utilized in packaging, filters or masks.

BIOPTICS, led by Olli Ikkala (Aalto), Pirjo Kääriäinen (Aalto), and Hannes Orelma (VTT), aims to develop biocomposite optical fibers for smart textiles and biomedical applications, especially for sensing and therapy purposes. The multidisciplinary research is expected to open new avenues for lignocellulose-based optical biomaterials.

The Sparkling with FinnCERES webinar is available for the FinnCERES Co-create members in the Members Area.


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