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Rubina Ajdary's visit to University of British Columbia

Doctoral candidate Rubina Ajdary from Aalto University visited the University of British Columbia, Canada, to continue and expand her work on developing 3D-printed auxetic structures based on biopolymers for wound patch applications. Read more about her experiences below.

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity of spending six months at Bioproducts Institute at the University of British Columbia (UBC). During this time, I had the chance to share my experiences on the processing of biomaterials with other researchers and finalize my research on the development of supporting implants (Auxetic Bacterial Nanocellulose Mesh, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2022) and high-fidelity direct ink writing of emulgels (Pickering emulgels reinforced with host–guest supramolecular inclusion complexes, Material Horizons, 2022). I also learned about the self-assembly of soft matters (Ultra-Flyweight Aerogels, Small, 2022) in collaboration with researchers at UBC and initiated a project on Magnetic Soft Robotics.

Beyond material science, I practiced the designer's point of view in scientific developments through brainstorming sessions and hands-on practices in collaboration with Prof. Hélène Day Fraser (Emily Carr Art and Design University) and Ayako Takagi (UBC). Also, I defended my doctoral dissertation in January 2022 and started a new chapter in my academic life.

Photo by Bruce Marchfelder (Bioproducts Institute, 2021)

Besides all, I enjoyed the mountain, ocean, snow, rainfalls, beach walks, and an incredible collection of autumn leaf colors in Vancouver, and I leave this city with great pictures and friendships in my mind and heart.

Rubina Ajdary

Aalto University (currently working as Tissue Engineering Scientist at MIRAI FOODS, Switzerland)


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