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21 March - FinnCERES Annual Seminar: Future in the Making

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Join us for the FinnCERES Annual Seminar: Future in the Making featuring examples of cutting-edge research shaping the future of material science!

In the event, you will have a great opportunity to hear the latest insights from three internationally renowned keynote speakers: Professor Alexander Bismarck from University of Vienna, Professor Aji Mathew from Stockholm University and Dr. Annariikka Roselli from Metsä Spring.

Additionally, the next generation of material scientists from the FinnCERES community will showcase their innovative research, including novel biocomposites, bio-based hydrogel applications, and regenerated cellulose products.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

The seminar will be organized as a hybrid event in Otaniemi as well as virtually in Zoom. Please note that online participation is open for everyone and free of charge, while on-site participation is only by invitation.

Program of the seminar on 21 March

9.00 Morning coffee

9.30 Welcoming words Monika Österberg and Tekla Tammelin FinnCERES Scientific Principal Investigators

Session 1


Alexander Bismarck, University of Vienna The fungal biorefinery: chitin-glucan complex an exciting natural polymer blend

Prof. Bismarck’s research group, Polymer & Composite Engineering (PaCE), is a multidisciplinary team interested in manufacture and characterisation of fibre-reinforced high-performance (nano)composites, porous materials and hydrogels. Their focus on the development of renewable materials for applications in tissue engineering, composite super-capacitors and emulsion templating for the synthesis of porous polymers. Prof. Bismarck is also affiliated member of The Composite Centre at Imperial College London and visiting professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

10.15-10.40 Emmi Nuutinen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd Beyond lignocellulosics: Keratin building block from feathers

Dr. Emmi Nuutinen has been working at VTT as a Research scientist from year 2017 with various scientific topics in interdisciplinary project teams. Her background is in biomass valorization and her interests cover many topics from biomass fractionation to value-added applications. Currently, she is working with cellulose-based packaging and textiles as well as pulping with novel solvents.

10.40-11.05 Marcel Kröger, Aalto University Simple free-radical copolymerization of vinyl-modified CNC for reinforced pHEMA composites

Marcel Kröger is a doctoral student at Aalto University in the Materials Chemistry of Cellulose group lead by Professor Eero Kontturi. He is interested in the extraction and colloidal behavior of cellulose nanocrystals . Currently, his focus is on the surface modification of cellulose nanocrystals to be used as nanofillers in polymeric composite materials.

11.05-11.30 Ilona Leppänen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd Capturing micro- and nanoplastics with nanocellulose networks

Ilona Leppänen is working as a Research Scientist at VTT in the Bioinspired materials team and pursuing a doctoral degree in Bioproduct Technology at Aalto University. She is interested in bio-based economy and circular solutions and at VTT she is developing biodegradable and bio-based materials, such as fibres, films and membranes.


Lunch break


Session 2

12.30-13.05 Aji Mathew, Stockholm University 3D printing with nanocellulose

The vision of Aji Mathew´s lab is to develop bio-based functional materials with a special focus on green and environmentally friendly processes. The research group has extensive know-how on bio-based nanocomposites, membranes, foams and hydrogels for water purification, biomedical and photocatalytic activity applications. The group works also on recycling of textiles and sustainable and circular processing of materials from biological and industrial residues.

13.05-13.30 Roberta Teixeira Polez, Aalto University Adhesion forces between cells and biomaterials related to cell culture

Roberta Teixeira Polez is a doctoral researcher working with lignocellulosic hydrogels at Aalto University. She is part of the Bioproducts Chemistry group. Her work focuses on understanding surface interactions between living cells and different biomaterials to tune materials' properties for biomedical applications.

13.30-13.55 Tuuli Virkkala, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd Investigation of hemicellulose and cellulose interactions for all-polysaccharide based hydrogels

Tuuli Virkkala works as a research scientist at VTT Bioinspired Materials team. She has a background in molecular biosciences and biotechnology. Her current interest is in development of bioinspired functional materials from plant cell wall components, and she is focusing on understanding the interfacial interactions between cellulose, hemicellulose and water to understand how these may influence different applications.

13.55-14.20 Ville Rissanen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd Mapping nanocellulose- and alginate-based hydrogel matrices as scaffolds for photosynthetic cell factories

Ville Rissanen is a research scientist at VTT Bioinspired Materials team and a doctoral candidate at Aalto University, with a background in biochemistry and bioproduct technology. His research focuses on assembling high-performance functional structures from nanocellulosic materials, and investigating their interactions with other materials ranging from inorganic nanoparticles to living photosynthetic cells.


Coffee break


Session 3

14.50-15.25 Annariikka Roselli, Metsä Spring

How water regulates ionic liquid solvent properties

Dr. Annariikka Roselli works as Development Manager at Metsä Spring and is responsible for the area of wood-based textile fibres. She has almost 20 years of experience as a researcher in the field of biotechnology and pulp dissolution. She started her career at the University of Helsinki in cancer research, and moved later to the field of chemical pulping and regenerated cellulose at Aalto University. After earning her D.Sc. degree in 2017, she has specialized in the pulp dissolution and regeneration processes and the raw material properties influencing these processes.

15.25-15.50 Eva González Carmona, Aalto University Cellulose films by means of the Ioncell® technology

Eva González Carmona is a doctoral student at Aalto University under the supervision of Professors Herber Sixta and Michael Hummel. Her topic is the development and optimization of a sustainable and eco-friendly process to produce cellulose films by means of the Ioncell® technology.

15.50-16.15 Nicole Nygren, Aalto University Spin-dyeing man-made cellulosic fibres with pigment dyes and their recyclability

Nicole Nygren is a doctoral student working in the Biopolymer Chemistry and Engineering group at Aalto University. She has been working with Ioncell since 2016. She is interested in more environmentally ways of dyeing and man-made cellulosic fibres. Her current projects involve spin dyeing, recycling of fibres and non-woven textiles.

16.15 Closing remarks Tekla Tammelin, Monika Österberg


18.00 Seminar Dinner



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