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Award-winning startup Woamy officially closes €1 million seed round

Woamy, an Aalto University spin-out, that brings to the market a bio-based foam material to replace harmful plastic foams, has raised a 1€ million seed round to develop and scale up the technology.

Woamy’s cellulose-based foam is recyclable, biodegradable, lightweight and strong material that has a mould-free and fast-drying foam manufacturing process with no need for any chemical additives, extreme pressures, or temperatures. Woamy team seeks innovative ways of exploring cellulose-based foams as suitable alternatives to replace plastic in various applications ranging from protective packaging and laminated boards to shoe insoles and building insulation. “Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, designers and business minds is now ready to make the foam industry sustainable.” says Susanna Partanen, the CEO of Woamy.

Recently, Woamy team also received the Innovation of the Year Award from Aalto School of Science for their novel bio-based recyclable foam material that is edible and can act as styrofoam replacement. Closely related research on ultra low density bio-based materials with extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio due to anisotropy has been supported by the FinnCERES Flagship since the beginning of 2020.

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