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Increasing the added value of the forest sector is possible without additional felling

The Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel has published a report highlighting the possibilities to significantly increase the value added of the forest sector by broadening the added value product portfolio.

According to the Forest Bioeconomy Science panel report, the forest sector in Finland could achieve an value added of up to 15.6 billion euros in 2035, meaning an increase of 80% compared to the level of 2019.

The goal of Finland's bioeconomy strategy is to double the value added of bioeconomy by 2035 without compromising the national climate and biodiversity goals. The Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel report concludes that, in the forest sector, expanding the current added-value product portfolio and extending the value chains in Finland are required to strive towards this goal.

Several means are needed for growth, such as the further refinement of pulp fibers and sawn timber in Finland, as well as more efficient utilization of forestry side streams such as lignin. However, increasing the value added is not possible without significant investments in research and development work.

Read the full report at

​​You can hear more about the report and other Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel projects in the "Arvokysymyksiä ja arvonlisää metsistä" webinar on Monday, April 22. at 1 p.m. Read more and register here.


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