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Meet FinnCERES at the World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels!

Updated: Jun 25

The World Circular Economy Forum 2024 will bring together the world's leading circular economy professionals in Brussels on April 15-18, 2024.

The World Circular Economy Forum 2024 event will be organised on 15–16 April 2024 at the SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre in Brussels. On April 17-18, WCEF continues with accelerator sessions. WCEF2024 is organised by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and produced with Circle Economy Foundation as the programme partner and the International Resource Panel as the science partner, in close collaboration with international partner organisations.

FinnCERES will host an exhibition stand in the WCEF2024 expo area on April 15-16, highlighting recent intriguing scientific and technological breakthroughs, such as biofoams and folded structures for protective packaging, sustainable coatings and glues from lignin, and biodegradable electronics. Visit our stand for a sneak peek into the future of bio-based innovations!

In addition, FinnCERES-related work is also visible at the Nordic stand by NordForsk, where Professor Jaana Vapaavuori exhibits the 'Beyond e-Textiles' project. Furthermore, Inka Orko, Head of Business Development at VTT, will be present at the Finnish booth showing high-quality plastic recyclates made with a unique state-of-the-art advanced mechanical recycling line, VAREX.

Looking forward to an exciting event in Brussels!


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