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Photodynamic inactivation measurements of the cellulosic hybrid material

Aalto doctoral candidate Daniel Langerreiter visited IQS School of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona, Spain) to conduct photodynamic inactivation measurements of the cellulosic hybrid material.

The work aimed at enhancing the final results of the FinnCERES SolarSafe project focusing on the development of self-sterilizing, yet biodegradable, materials, by merging the photoinactivation properties of organic photosensitizers with mechanical properties of cellulose. The research visit was performed under the supervision of Prof. Santi Nonell, well renowed director of the Photobiology School of the European Society for Photobiology.

In the three months internship, Daniel carried out two main tasks: first, the photophysical characterization of the photoactive cellulosic materials synthesized at Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, including singlet oxygen generation, quantum yield and lifetime. Second, photodynamic inactivation of bacteria were tested under different illumination conditions, ranging from selected wavelengths to sun simulator. During the visit, Daniel enhanced his experitise in the field of microbiology as well as photo-physical characterization techniques, especially time-resolved near-infrared phosphorescence spectroscopy and laser flash photolysis.

The obtained findings support the SolarSafe project targets and will result in joint publication. Moroever, this research visit paved the way for further collaboration between Prof. Nonell's research group and FinnCERES Flagship.


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