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SUP directive - What's next?

In November 2020, FinnCERES organized an event "Will the Bio-Bubble Burst?" focusing on the EU regulation on microplastics and single-use plastics and their effects on bio-based materials. Are you interested to hear more?

On 28 October, Synbio Powerhouse is organizing a Synbio Talks event "Life after the SUP directive: What's next for bioplastics in future EU policy-making?" featuring Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finnish Member of the European Parliament representing the European People’s Party), Pertti Elo (ECHA), and Maija Pohjakallio (Metsä Group).

In this event, you will learn about the future of bio-based materials in the EU after the current Single-Use Plastics directive. More information about the event and link to registration can be found on the Synbio Powerhouse website here.


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