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9 December Webinar - The Use Of The Forest Resources In The New Era Of Uncertainty

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Reflecting on the COVID times, it is clear that the voices of science and technology need to be heard as part of the conversation. Now, more than ever, we need to produce informed opinions in order to make sustainable decisions. What is there for the forest sector? How will the products from wood impact our survival? How are education, research and the forest industry supporting sustainable economic growth?

To learn more, participate in the webinar on 9 December at 8.30 am!


8.15 Webinar connection opens

8.30 Opening of the event

  • Kristiina Kruus, Dean, School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University. "Bioinnovation centre boosting opportunities for sustainable economic growth"

  • Orlando Rojas, FinnCERES Research PI at Aalto University and Scientific Director of BioProducts Institute, University of British Columbia (CAN). "Keynote: The use of forest resources in the new era of uncertainty"

  • Juuso Konttinen, Vice President, UPM Biochemicals. "Combatting climate change with renewable biochemicals: case UPM Leuna biorefinery"

9.45 Program ends, closing of the event

The event is free of charge. Learn more.

Please register by 7 December via this link.


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