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Bioinnovation Center’s research will focus on sustainable textiles and packaging

Aalto University's Bioinnovation Center has chosen 5 interdisciplinary projects to launch its doctoral school in 2022. The projects aim at innovations in the fields of sustainable textiles and packaging, enhancing the research agenda of FinnCERES Flagship.

The Bioinnovation Center is launching a doctoral school and offers funding for in total 10-12 doctoral candidates during its operation. The aim is to encourage professors from different fields and disciplines of Aalto University to combine their expertise and to develop jointly interdisciplinary research endeavors.

The selected projects to the doctoral school are:

1. Cellulose-based spatial origami metamaterials and structures for sustainable and versatile packaging solutions by Jarkko Niiranen (ENG), Kirsi Peltonen (SCI), and Masood Masodian (ARTS)

2. AI-guided biohybrid assembly platform for e-textiles by Patrick Rinke (SCI) and Jaana Vapaavuori (CHEM)

3. Coatings of Lignin Spheres for Packaging/Textiles by Monika Österberg (CHEM), Karl Alexander Henn (CHEM), and Pekka Oinas (CHEM)

4. Computational fabric by Simo Särkkä (ELEC+FCAI), Kirsi Niinimäki (ARTS), Jaana Vapaavuori (CHEM), Yu Xiao (ELEC), and Emmi Pouta (ARTS)

5. Sustainable Intelligent Packaging Solutions by Jouni Paltakari (CHEM) and Riku Jäntti (ELEC)

Bioinnovation Center has now opened 5 PhD positions for these projects. Please check:

  • Doctoral candidate in the field of Design, especially textile design (link)

  • Doctoral candidate for the interdisciplinary project “AI-guided biohybrid assembly platform for e-textiles” (link)

  • Doctoral candidate in the field of Biobased substrates and printed electronics (link)

  • Doctoral candidate in the field of Bioproduct technology (link)

  • Doctoral candidate in the field of Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics or Visual Communication Design (link)

Photo credit: Woad natural blue and violet dye, Valeria Azovskaya


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