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New learning platform ForestBioFacts launched by Forest Products Engineers

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Cross section of a tree with labels pointing to different layers to show overview of ForestBioFacts website

Whether you are an R&D professional, an engineer at the mill, a student or someone new to forest-based industries, the new digital learning environment, ForestBioFacts, has learning resources for you. Covering 16 different themes, from traditional forest industry topics like paper, board, pulp and wood products to new bio-based nanomaterials, wood-based textiles and biofuels. For project managers or business developers, the practical challenges associated with production and product quality are also addressed.

ForestBioFacts is a learning environment for forest-based bioeconomy, drawing on the expertise of professionals and researchers in the field. Over 1500 articles, 300 videos, a glossary and dictionary are available on the website. ForestBioFacts draws from the Papermaking Science and Technology book series and is a project provided by Forest Products Engineers and the publishing company Paperi ja Puu Ltd.

FinnCERES congratulates its Collaborate member Forest Products Engineers for the excellent work!



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