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Thermocell: a natural polymer that is mouldable, strong, recyclable

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Consumers and companies alike are interested in sustainable and recyclable packaging made from renewable materials, such as wood. Using cellulose and fatty acids — two completely renewable substances — VTT has developed Thermocell, and development work is currently underway.

Thermocell is a 100% bio-based thermoplastic that, like conventional plastic, can be refined into packaging films. Food and beverage companies can use existing plastic converting equipment to apply heat and mould the material: the process steps are straightforward and can be up-scaled with business-as-usual engineering.

Read more at, from Research Professor Ali Harlin in his blog, and learn more about VTT’s new pilot projects to reduce the need for plastics.

Thermoplastic cellulose, Thermocell. Photo by VTT.

Thermoplastic cellulose: a 100% bio-based alternative. Photo by VTT.


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